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As the old Mexican saying goes… Tequila is not just for shots.
Discover the flavours of Mexico, and experience the history and versatility of Tequila! Come and enjoy some of our authentic street food, paired with Tequila cocktails. From Chipotle Cod Loin Tacos to Smoked Rosemary Margaritas, we’ve got an evening planned you won’t be able to resist.
Join us on our Tequila pilgrimage for one night every month in a new city across the UK. Keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming events in your local area and book to secure your place.

07 July

Printworks - M4 2BS

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Meet the team

  • “For me Chiquila is about showcasing the magical spirit of Tequila and showing its versatility in cocktails and food pairing. Tequila is a spirit that has a rich history and takes years to produce so all of my drinks are designed to pay respect to an often misunderstood spirit and highlight different flavours found in the different styles of Tequila. After visiting Mexico last year and experiencing their colourful and delicious food and drink along with their warmth and hospitality, I was inspired to bring over some of the lesser known drinks enjoyed in Mexico and recreate the warmth and hospitality that I enjoyed when I was there.”Ross - Head of Bar

  • “Taking inspiration from the hugely popular street food dishes right from traditional Mexican stands, our simple fresh flavours have been perfectly paired with a variety of tequila based cocktails. I’ve incorporated cooking styles from the States, Southern Europe, and our own Chiquito feel to come up with made-to-order fresh dishes that perfectly compliment the tequila experience. In my opinion we are the best at what we do, all that's left to do is come along, relax, and enjoy”Simon - Head of Food

  • "Having tasted the food on offer, each paired with a tequila cocktail, I think they have certainly pulled off transporting the flavours of Mexico to a rainy London evening"
    Gentleman’s Goods Blog

  • "Chiquito always seems to have a busy fun vibe when I’ve been before and last night no different. We tried on the sombreros, drank tequila, took silly selfies... and had some good honest Mexican food"
    Ms Food Blogger

  • The drinks are all about tequila. There’s beers-a-plenty for the less adventurous but the tequila menu from Jose Cuervo and others is a revelation for those who think this agave spirit is all about salt licked from the back of the hand and lime wedges”
    Jonathan R Jones, Vada Magazine

  • "Inspired by an in-depth research trip to Mexico’s buzzing streets and markets, the team have injected some artisanal flair into their repertoire... From lip-smacking Spicy Chicken Crispy Tacos, Sweet Chorizo Croquettes with sweet Jalapenฬƒo Jelly to a piquant Chipolte Cod Loin Taco with sweet Pink Onion, Chiquitos have really upped their gastro game"
    The Metropolist


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