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We don’t just serve up the Tex-Mex experience, we live it! Last week a selection of our top performing restaurant General Managers and Kitchen Managers were taken, along with the newly crowned winner of the Cocktail Championship, Jade, on a flavoursome tour of Tex-Mex heritage.

From Dallas, to Guadalajara, to the agave field and La Rojena, our band of amigos adventured in to authentic Texan and Mexican culture through food and drink. Being treated to a food tour, cocktail bars, market stalls, top restaurants, and more, needless to say Tex-Mex hospitality leads with their best food forward and there was never an opportunity to be hungry, thirsty or bored.

In the La Rojena distillery our amigos learnt the process of how Tequila is made and visited the Family Reserve cellar where there is Tequila dating back to 1800. They even had a Tequila tasting (well, you can’t come to Mexico and not try the local water…) and were allowed to blend their own bottle of Tequila to their own specific taste!

As Jon Barnes (General Manager - Manchester Printworks) said, it was “definitely a trip of a lifetime!” Until next time Mexico!

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