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We’ve all been there, desperate for Tex-Mex but loving the sofa too much to want to move… Yes amigos, we know how you feel. But fear not, your loving requests and craving filled calls have been answered – hold on to your sombreros, we’re coming to Deliveroo!

Chiquito is officially joining up with Deliveroo take away across 11 of our restaurants to deliver our best loved Tex-Mex dishes right to your door. Nights in have never looked so mexy! We’re all over a full on home style fiesta – Fajitas, Nachos, Burgers, Southern Fried Chicken, Mexican Garlic Bread - *drool*


Deliveroo available at: Chiquito Portsmouth, Southampton, Norwich, Cambridge, Nottingham Corner House, Cardiff Central, Manchester Printworks, Belfast, Glasgow Springfield Quay, Birmingham Hagley Road, Greenwich O2.

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