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Great food, great drinks
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Here at Chiquito we’re passionate about food! Our dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients, packed full of flavour to really tantalise your taste buds. Whether you’re looking for a tempting treat, a light bite or the main event, Chiquito is the place to be!

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Gluten Free is here!

By Chiquito
We’ve had a Gluten Intolerance Choices menu for a while now but this year we’ve pushed it further with a dedicated Gluten Free menu. Gluten Free doesn’t mean a few measly options to us; it means all the taste and flavour of Chiquito just with some handy twists to say adios to that gluten. Our famous fajitas, street food, burgers, chilli and ribs are all ready to give your taste buds a treat. There’s even a range of dessert options, winning! Our menu has also been accredited by Coeliac UK, mega exciting and a big honour for us.
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